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The Good Sleep Habit

What you do before snuggling down for the night directly affects the quality of your sleep. It’s critically important that you get into a routine, for both your physical and mental health.

How to Create a Good Sleep habit in 21 days

If you do the same thing every day for 21 days, it soon becomes a habit.

Your bedtime routine should include:

  • 🌜Sticking to the same bedtime hours
  • 🌜Getting ready for the next day the night before to reduce stress
  • 🌜Switching off tech an hour before bedtime
  • 🌜Having a warm milky drink
  • 🌜Write a journal to calm your mind
  • 🌜Make your room as dark as possible

30 Top Tips for helping you relax and prepare for sleep:

  • 🌜Set a time for bed
  • 🌜Prep your breakfast
  • 🌜Keep it loose
  • 🌜Have a warm milky drink
  • 🌜Check the forecast
  • 🌜Tidy up
  • 🌜Write a journal
  • 🌜Get ready for tomorrow
  • 🌜Write a To Do list
  • 🌜Wipe off the day
  • 🌜Turn the lights down
  • 🌜Plan to be active
  • 🌜Keep it quiet
  • 🌜Colour it in
  • 🌜Draw the curtains
  • 🌜Go to the loo
  • 🌜Be grateful
  • 🌜Fill your memory jar
  • 🌜Set an alarm
  • 🌜Pamper yourself
  • 🌜Spritz your pillow
  • 🌜Read a book
  • 🌜Have a bubble bath
  • 🌜Check the temperature
  • 🌜Brush your hair
  • 🌜Switch off tech
  • 🌜Listen to calming music
  • 🌜Breathe deeply
  • 🌜Practice mindfulness
  • 🌜Stretch it out

You can also download our handy sleep tracker so you can keep an eye on how you’re doing. We’d love to hear your sleep stories. Tag @sleepwelldrinks and #bedtimehabit and we’ll find you on social.

Download: Sleep Well Sleep Tracker

Cheers all and sleep well. x