Our Story

Sam & Allan Watts, Sleep Well founders

The power of sleep

We’re a normal family leading busy lives. Our mobile phones and laptops are overheating from always being on. Then there’s our two boys, family, friends, the dog, the house and, well, life! We need our sleep, so our minds and bodies can repair and be ready to start over in the morning.

We began to realise how sleep deficient we’d become when headed to the Lake District for a holiday.  Life moves slower there.  Most of the time we couldn’t get a decent mobile phone signal so we really began to switch off.  With our brains rested, we all got a much better night’s sleep.

Inspiration at 30,000 feet!

Then, on a flight from LA to London a few years ago, Sam (a fearful flyer) bought a bottle of something that claimed to help you sleep but contained all sorts of synthetic ingredients. It was at that moment, at 30,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean, that we started to wonder if we could create a drink that was full of goodness, natural, suitable for all the family to enjoy and that could help you relax and sleep.

Creating the Sleep Well recipe

We knew we wanted to use whole milk and natural honey, but we needed a magic ingredient.  After more late nights researching multiple options, we finally discovered valerian. Valerian root has been relaxing people and helping them get to sleep for nearly 2,000 years.  Happily, we managed to track down a fantastic organic supplier who could provide it to us in a form that would blend well with our creamy whole milk bedtime drink.

Working with the very best team

We had all the ingredients in place.  After weeks of trialling different recipe combinations, using our poor teenage sons as testers, we finally settled on the winning Sleep Well recipe.

And that was it – Sleep Well was born.