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Beat the heat

Sleep Well on hot days

In spring and summer, we all have those nights when we’re tossing and turning unable to sleep because of the heat. As we’ve covered the basics in our past post ‘Summer Sleep‘ now what?, here we bring you some of Team Sleep Well’s favourite summer sleep hacks for when you’ve exhausted all other options.

Beat the heat with our top tips

Keep your bedroom dark throughout the day

In order to keep where you choose to rest your head cool, stop sunlight getting in. Close the curtains, blinds or shutters before you head to work to avoid the sunlight heating up your room. As mentioned in our ‘30 top tips‘ during the night the body needs to lose heat. A cool bedroom not only keeps you cool when trying to drift off but also aids this heat loss.

Make a water spritzer

If you can find an old spray bottle then up-cycle and fill with cold water to mist yourself before you sleep or if you wake in the night. It’s always refreshing to mist your face and body when you’re feeling hot and doing this just before you sleep is no different. In fact, in doing so you lose heat as your body helps with the evaporation process, giving off excess heat and allowing the water molecules to escape into the air.    

Put your pillowcase in the freezer

Move over peas, we need to keep our head cool! If you can remember to pop your pillowcase in your freezer a few hours before bed, it can do wonders for your sleep quality. By giving your head an extra cool environment as you drift off, your body doesn’t have to work as hard to decrease your body temperature. The sleep foundation states that losing body temperature is a natural part of your sleep cycle, so think of this as the helping hand that helps your head.

Keep your hands and feet cold whilst you sleep

Did you know that you can lose heat through your hands and feet? To speed this process up, help your body temperature ease into its optimum sleeping temperature. If you haven’t used them up in your G&T, wrap some ice cubes in a tea towel or muslin cloth and hold in your hands or place by your feet to keep them cool. 

Have some cold cherries before bed

You may have seen this lovely fruit pop up in our recent post ‘bedtime snacks‘. But they can also help you beat the heat if eaten fresh from the fridge. They may be small, but they are mighty and pack a punch of melatonin. This natural hormone helps naturally calm your mind, ensuring you’re in the right state of mind before your bedtime routine. Whilst eating them straight from the fridge keeps you cool as you wind down.

Drink a cold glass of Sleep Well

We may be biased but the proof is in the carton. Join the many others that are sleeping well during a heatwave thanks to our delicious bedtime drinks. Simply grab a carton from your fridge 30 minutes before bed and sip into a slumber to keep you cool and help you drift off naturally in the heat. 

As grateful as we are to have the sunshine, we all need our eight-a-night so we hope our top tips to beat the heat help you sleep naturally. Happy sleeping, with love Sleep Well x