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How much sleep do I need?

With the days getting longer and our bedrooms getting lighter some people may find it harder to get their much needed sleep. But how much sleep do we need?

In our previous blog post we’ve looked at how to better understand your sleep cycle. Here we’ll explain how much you need, why and how to get it.

Worryingly, the average UK person is under sleeping by at least an hour a night. That’s why at Sleep Well we’re on a mission to help everyone get their eight-a-night. For those that are eager eyed, you may have already spotted our ‘Get your 8 a night‘ logo on our Sleep Well drinks. Backed by research from the Sleep Foundation we’ve created a quick and easy guide to make sure you’re getting your recommended hours.

Why do we need this much sleep?

An eight hour sleep period provides sleepers with all four stages of a healthy sleep cycle. During stages 1,2 and 3 sleepers are in a lighter and restorative slumber. It’s only at REM (stage 4) where your brain processes the day’s information and stores it away in long-term memory. The importance of getting eight hours means our bodies can go through the full sleep cycle roughly every 90 minutes. This helps improve memory and reduce anxieties by filing things away from the day. To find out what a sleep cycle is and to further understand each stage, check out our previous blog post by clicking here.

Just like most things in life, if we miss out there’s no way in getting that experience or thing back. In this case it’s known as ‘Sleep Debt’. The more we miss, the more debt we’ll find ourselves in. Sleep doesn’t magically replenish. Therefore the debt created night by night by depriving our bodies of what it requires to run normally can result in burnout. By not getting the recommended hours and racking up sleep debt, our physical and mental health can be affected. This can lead to overeating, weight gain, memory loss, lack of concentration and irritability.

How do I get my eight-a-night?

So we’ve looked at the numbers, now for the hows. There are a number of top tips to ensure great sleep hygiene. The Sleep Foundation describes this as having both a bedroom environment and daily routine that promote consistent, uninterrupted sleep. Here at Sleep Well we’ve popped all the information you’ll need including top tips into an easy to read PDF titled ‘Get The Good Sleep Habit‘.

The main things to consider when trying to get your eight-a-night are:

  • Set a time for bed 🛏️
  • Get ready for tomorrow 🥪
  • Switch off tech 📺
  • Have a warm milky drink 🥛
  • Write a journal and destress your mind 🗒️
  • Turn the lights down 💡

Nevertheless everyone is different. By listening to your body and following the cues it gives you when it feels mentally and physically exhausted, act on it. We recommend eight hours to the average person over the age of 18. However, if you work mainly on your feet all day, do something physically demanding or just don’t feel awake during the day, try to get more sleep.

Happy Sleeping. With love Sleep Well x