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Did you know? Certain foods are known to help calm the brain and promote good sleep. The best night time snacks are ones that contain complex carbohydrates and protein to optimise tryptophan levels. Tryptophan is the amino acid that the body uses to produce the sleepy hormones serotonin and melatonin that help slow down and relax the body. 

Pop these sleep-friendly foods in your shopping basket:

NUTS: Walnuts, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are packed full of magnesium and tryptophan so are great serotonin boosters.Try snacking on a handful an hour or so before bed. 

BANANA: Turns out bananas aren’t just for breaky or pre workout, they also make the perfect sleep aid. Bananas pack a punch of magnesium and potassium to help relax overstressed muscles, plus the B6 found in the fruit convert tryptophan into serotonin to help calm your brain for a restful slumber. 

KIWI: Small but mighty! Kiwis can be a powerful aid in helping you sleep due to their high levels of antioxidants and serotonin. According to the Sleep Foundation,eating two kiwis before bed can increase your sleep duration by an hour or so over the course of a month. 

SWEET POTATO: As well as being loaded with sleep-promoting complex carbs, Sweet Potato also contains the natural muscle-relaxant potassium. So a double whammy of sleepy goodness.

MILK: A glass of milk contains four sleep-promoting compounds: tryptophan, calcium, vitamin D, and melatonin. There is also the psychological link between warm milk and bedtime as a child. For super sleepy milk, sip on Sleep Well. Our nutritious bedtime drink is made with whole Jersey milk, honey and valerian – the natural herb proven to help you relax and sleep. Buy now

OATS: While most of us associate oats with breakfast, they also make the perfect evening snack. Without getting too technical – oats contain Tryptophan, an amino-acid the brain converts into serotonin, which helps relax and calm the body. Their high carb content can help you feel sleepy too! Try mixing with milk (or better yet, Sleep Well milk) and chopped up banana for a tasty treat that is sure to get you snoozing.