“I struggle with anxiety and getting to sleep is a real chore when you have racing thoughts, but these lovely little milks really help me relax and drift off much quicker. The chocolate is absolutely delicious and they’re the perfect size for a bedtime drink. I cannot recommend this product enough.”

Tell us a little bit about you? 

I am 33 and currently living back at home after a relationship ended. I am having to use the family living room as my bedroom so there is very little privacy and no real space of my own which is why I do so much to try and get the best sleep I can in these circumstances!

What does your sleep pattern look like? 

I have a pretty solid routine – I aim to be in bed by 10.30pm every night and get up around 5am.

What does your typical bedtime routine look like? 

Around ten to ten I start my bedtime routine. I do a teeth whitening, tidy up, set up my oil diffuser, put castor oil on my lashes(!), spray feather and down pillow spray and use their sleep balm on my pressure points. I then drink my Sleep Well and get into bed with a 10 minute sleep meditation. Usually I’m asleep before it finishes!

Have you always suffered with bad sleep? 

Not always. It was triggered by a bout of depression in 2011. I was taking medication and it really affected my sleep and I suffered with insomnia for a long period at this time. I then had years of waking through the night. I’ve never struggled with falling asleep it was usually staying asleep that was the problem.

Before Sleep Well, have you used other sleep aids before? 

I have used over the counter stuff like Calms and Nytol and in 2011 was prescribed some sleeping tablets by the doctor but I’ve not used them for years.

What advice can you give to others who are suffering from poor sleep? 

Routine. Routine. Routine. Friends and family think I’m nuts for getting up at 5am, even on the weekends but having a regular sleep pattern is so important and I think my bedtime routine is structured enough that it sends signals to my brain that it’s time to sleep.

How did Sleep Well change your sleep? 

This was the first thing I tried when I started a bedtime routine. It just felt reassuring, like I knew I was doing something good to help me sleep.

What do you like most about Sleep Well? 

It feels like a little treat before bed. I love the chocolate one – it’s like having a hot chocolate without being too sickly. I absolutely love what you’re doing as a company, I recommend you to everyone to at least try and was so glad when Sainsbury’s became a stockist. Thank you!