“I was really sceptical when buying this product. I haven’t slept properly in 4-5 months, only getting 1-2 hours a night. I’ve been drinking Sleep Well for a week now and it has helped me doze off and I get around 6 hours sleep now! It tastes amazing too!”

I’m Lucie. I’m 23 years old, from Hertfordshire. I work in retail management, and am also a full time carer at home for a family member. I enjoy baking as a pastime and I have four pugs who keep me very busy.

My sleeping pattern used to be maximum two to three hours a night. If I managed to sleep more than that, it would usually be during the day. Since drinking Sleep Well, I now get seven to eight hours a night, which is amazing! I still tend to wake up feeling a little tired, but overall, I feel a lot more refreshed than I used to feel.  

As a teenager I suffered with bad sleep but eventually grew out of it. Then, in 2017, I fell very ill and was given less than 24 hours to live. Going through such an experience of course triggered an increase in stress. It was nerve wracking. It was during my recovery period that my sleep pattern was affected. My sleep was so up and down – there would be times where all I would do is sleep, and other times where I felt invincible and told myself I didn’t need sleep. 

I’ve never really had much of a bedtime routine but since discovering Sleep Well, I’ve found myself following a nightly routine. I wash and get my PJs on ready for bed, then either watch a film or do something relaxing but productive like read a book or some colouring. Around 30 – 45 minutes before I plan to go to sleep, I will drink my Sleep Well, either cold or warmed up, and use my pillow mist. I’ll settle down into bed with an eye mask on and drift off. It’s a great feeling to have figured out a routine that actually works for me. 

I’ve previously used prescribed medications, herbal medications, a million pillow mists before finding one that helps, breathing techniques, acupuncture, meditation, yoga, sleeping soundtracks. You name it I tried it! 

If you’re reading this and currently struggling with your sleep, then my advice is to not overthink not being able to sleep. You need to relax your mind in order to relax your body! Try not to have any screen time (phone, TV etc.) 30 minutes before falling asleep as the blue light they emit can have a negative effect on sleep. I sometimes use ear plugs to block out any sound and I love using an eye mask to block out any unwanted light. 

Why Sleep Well? Well, firstly, it has actually helped me sleep! Since drinking Sleep Well I have felt a lot more comfort in being able to get to sleep. I’m getting around seven to eight hours a night. I feel a lot more positive and ready to face the day ahead. I absolutely LOVE that you can warm it up! The chocolate is amazing cold, it tastes just like a thick luxury milkshake. I also enjoy it hot as it’s just like drinking a lovely hot chocolate. The vanilla is very soothing cold but is also perfect mixed up warmed with hot chocolate powder or horlicks. 

Thank you for changing my sleep for the better. I haven’t been able to recommend this company enough to friends and family!