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Your best summer sleep ever

We wait for months to see a glimpse of sunshine, then we complain when it’s too hot! As lovely as the hot weather is, it can leave us tossing and turning throughout the night, unable to get a good night’s sleep. Here are our top tips to help you sleep well in the heat:

Have a warm shower before bed

It can be tempting to get into an ice-cold shower, but a tepid bath or shower is better. A cold shower shocks your body into preserving heat, so a lukewarm shower will make it easier for your body to reach the optimal sleep temperature.

Keep windows and curtains shut

Keep windows shut and pull the curtains closed when the sun is at its highest, especially those facing east or west. This stops your home warming up in the daytime sun and can also help block evening light, helping you to wind down more easily.

Get bottles of frozen water

This allows the fan to blow cool air over you and help to reduce your body temperature.  The right body temperature helps you get to sleep more easily and then stay asleep.

Get rid of your other half

If you’re a bed sharer, you might want to consider taking a little hiatus while it’s extremely hot. Double the persons, double the body heat!  Having separate beds prevents you overheating from the combined body temperature under the duvet.

Watch what you drink

Avoid alcohol as it can dehydrate you. Drink water throughout the day and only drink ½ a pint of water before bed to see you through the night.

Turn off electrical devices

Surprisingly electrical devices give off a great amount of heat. Plug your phone and laptop on charge downstairs to avoid heating up the bedroom.

Cold press your pulse points

Your pulse points help regulate your core body temperature. Cool your wrists, back of your knees and back of your neck with a frozen bottle of water (wrapped in a tea towel) or a cold towel to help you regulate your body temperature.

Invest in cotton

High quality cotton is the most breathable fabric available.  Using cotton pyjamas and sheets will help ensure a comfy night’s sleep.