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Chocolate milk IS good for sleep

Sound too good to be true? Well thankfully there’s a lot of science behind this. The great news is that chocolate milk specifically not only promotes healthy sleep, but is also loved by top athletes as a post-workout recovery drink.  

It’s a well-known fact that milk itself contains tryptophan, a protein rich amino acid that creates the sleepy hormones, melatonin and serotonin. We’ve previously explained in our blog post ‘The best sleep-boosting foods’ that a glass of milk also contains calcium and vitamin D. Both of which are important for building and restoring bones and ensuring heart health. That, alongside the nostalgia of drinking warm milk before bed as a child, creates a natural and feel good bedtime drink.

Why chocolate milk?  

Cocoa itself has been used for thousands of years.  It’s known that the Mayans were the first to enjoy hot chocolate as a sleep remedy. Although many worry that chocolate might keep them awake at night, hot chocolate contains less caffeine that a cup of decaffeinated coffee. 

If you’re enjoying a light pre-bedtime workout of yoga or pilates, chocolate milk can also help post-workout recovery due to its high carbohydrate and protein content. 

Why choose Sleep Well?  

Made with whole milk, honey, cocoa powder and valerian our chocolate Sleep Well tastes gorgeous and does you good too. The dose of valerian is the secret ingredient that will help you relax and contribute to getting a better night’s sleep. Combined with the added benefits of chocolate milk itself the health benefits of sleeping well are plentiful.  

Three great reasons to drink chocolate Sleep Well 

  • 1. Helps create your natural sleepy hormones melatonin and seratonin 
  • 2. Great for a post-workout recovery before bed 
  • 3. Less than 100 kcal per 100ml serving